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My First Wedding (Finally)

on August 31, 2012

It took twenty three years for me to finally attend a wedding, and this one set the bar high.


On Saturday, August 18th, I had the pleasure of attending a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony for Megan (my friend Brenna’s older sister) and her fiancée Adam. Brenna’s family has been kind of like a second family to me, as well as to Missy, over the years. Missy and I knew we just had to make the trip for the wedding. Not like it was a tough decision or anything…

When we arrived in Oregon that Wednesday, we were greeted by blue skies and warm temperatures. And when I say warm, I mean warm. It hit mid-90s for the first few days we were there. I am a warm-weather girl through and through, so I was loving it. We were surprised when we woke up to cloudy skies that Saturday, the day of the wedding. And the temperatures had dropped significantly. The ceremony wasn’t until 6:30 that night, so we crossed our fingers and hoped that the weather would return to the way it had been when we arrived.

And we were in luck! By the time we got to The Aerie at Eagle Landing (the place of the ceremony), the clouds had cleared and the sun was shining again. I’d say the temperature was around 80-some degrees. Perfect!


The Aerie is located right on a golf course called Eagle Landing. It was amusing to walk past people in our fancy dresses and heels as they were playing putt-putt and chipping around on the course.


I purchased my dress months beforehand during a trip to the best mall in the world, a.k.a. the King of Prussia Mall outside of Philadelphia. My brother goes to school out that way and I love that visiting him always includes a stop at that incredible mall. The last time I was there (late April I believe) I knew I would need a dress for this wedding, which made for a perfect excuse to stop in the Lilly Pulitzer store to look for one. Lilly is one of my favorite brands, and their anchor store just happens to be located in the King of Prussia Mall. How convenient! I loved my dress and I hope I have an excuse to wear it again soon.

Back to the wedding…Missy (my date!) and I walked around and mingled with some of the family and other guests while we waited for the ceremony to begin. Once the ceremony started, it was over before I knew it. The whole ceremony probably took about 15 minutes total, which I was not expecting. I guess that was the idea, considering they went with a non-traditional venue. Regardless, it was very nice. A few pictures:



(Her colors were orange and royal blue. I’m normally not a fan of orange, but I LOVED the two together.)

bride2(The bride and her parents. Her dress was gorgeous. And that line through the picture? A ray of sunshine. It was really bright out at this point!)

Once the ceremony ended, guests were directed to an outdoor patio, covered by an awning, for hors d’oeuvres and drinks from an open bar.





And…I cannot believe I forgot to take a picture of the spread! They served fruit, vegetables, cheese, crackers, and glazed mixed nuts, to name a few things. They also had servers walking around with other snacks, including chicken teriyaki skewers and these yummy crackers (such a great description, I know) topped with an artichoke spread.

After the photographer finished taking pictures of the wedding party, it was time for everyone to go inside and be seated for dinner and the rest of the reception.

table (Our table!)


(Love the look of floating candles)

champagne(Before the champagne toast)

I didn’t take a picture of my meal, and to be honest, it was my least favorite part of the wedding. They served a piece of steak, a piece of fried chicken with some kind of sauce on top (I think barbeque), roasted potatoes, and small asparagus spears. I love asparagus, so I ate that up first. The roasted potatoes were also good. I’m not a fan of steak, so I didn’t even touch my big piece of it. And I had about half of the fried chicken just to be polite. It just wasn’t my kind of meal. Months before, I considered requesting the vegetarian option (it ended up being ratatouille) but I chose not to in the end. I didn’t want to make any extra work for them, especially because I’m not “technically” a vegetarian, even though I really do eat like one most of the time.

Any disappointment I was feeling about my meal instantly went away when it was time to cut into this baby:

DSC_0479 (Picture courtesy of my friend/the maid of honor, Brenna)

How cool is that cake!? The bride loves to travel, and so they had pictures of the continents all around the cake. I believe the trail of dots was supposed to connect places where the bride wants to visit someday. The flowers on top were a last minute addition to complete the look. As you can see in the picture, it was a three tier cake. The top tier consisted of red velvet cake, which was specially saved for the bride and the groom to take home. The remaining two tiers were cut and served to the guests.


Before I go on, I just need to say that cake has never been my dessert of choice. I never really crave cake and it’s pretty easy for me to resist being tempted by it. The one exception to this is carrot cake. Ohhhh and maybe Funfetti cake. Anyway… ever since my trip to Portland, cake has been growing on me. The day before the wedding, the bride and groom had a cookout for friends and family. There, they served a Costco sheet cake for dessert. And man was it good. Like…really, really good.

I digress.

At the reception, our server brought me a piece of chocolate cake with white frosting. It was good, but it didn’t blow me away. It tasted a bit dry to me. I thought to myself, “Well, I’ve never been a cake person anyway. That Costco cake from yesterday must have just been another exception.”

Just as I pushed my half-eaten chocolate cake aside, I overheard a few of my tablemates raving about their pieces of cake. I looked over to see what they had been served, and it looked incredible. As soon as I spotted a server, I flagged her down and asked her if I could have a piece of *that* kind of cake, while pointing at my friend’s piece. I have no shame.

Luckily, they had some extra pieces and I gave the cake another shot.

…And I don’t even have any pictures of the piece I ate because I ate it all before I remembered to snap a picture the lighting in the reception area wasn’t that great at this point in the evening. ;-)

Just know that the third tier consisted of white cake with raspberries, white icing, and a cheesecake filling. Amazing. Exactly how I expected wedding cake to taste! The best part is that we got to take some of the leftovers back to our hotel room with us.

I can’t believe I just spent all that time talking about cake. Anywhoo…

We spent the rest of the evening taking pictures, laughing, and dancing for a total of maybe two songs. The DJ was subpar and the dance floor stayed pretty empty the majority of the time, but that’s alright. The company was great, and that’s what mattered most.




What do you love most about weddings?

What is your dessert of choice? Even though I’m becoming somewhat of a cake person, I’ll still go for cookies every time!

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4 responses to “My First Wedding (Finally)

  1. Beautiful wedding! The weather looks perfect. My favorite thing about weddings is the dancing! :)

  2. Your dress is so cute!

    i agree with Claire – I love the dancing, too :)

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