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What Up, PiYo?

on September 7, 2012

An upside to unemployment? The ability to get a workout in whenever I want.

Yesterday morning, I had every intention of getting up early and going to the gym. It’s so much harder to get out of bed when you know that you have the whole day to do so. Thus, snoozing ensued. We all have our vices, and sleeping is one of mine. I really do prefer to hit the hay early (I constantly get made fun of for my old lady bedtime) and get up early. But, I’ve been sleeping in more than usual as of late…just because I can.

Needless to say, I didn’t get to the gym in the morning. My bed felt extremely comfy and if I’m being honest again…I didn’t really feel like forcing myself onto the treadmill. I’m not a runner and so I get easily burnt out/bored with the same old treadmill routine. After getting up and doing a couple other things, I decided to go on my gym’s website and take a look at the class schedules for the day. My gym offers tons of classes to its members and I haven’t really taken advantage of them, except for spinning. When I saw that they were offering a 4:30 PiYo class, I knew I had to go and try it out.


I read about PiYo on Katie’s blog not long ago and it sounded like something I would love. It’s basically a fusion of Pilates and yoga with each set of exercises combining the two and flowing into subsequent sets of exercises. For example, our instructor had us doing deep squats (I think she called it frog) over our mats and then sliding our legs into side planks. The moves were a fun challenge for me and I definitely broke a sweat. Our instructor told us that the class is new to the gym for the fall. I’m hoping that it is successful and that they choose to keep it around, because I really enjoyed it.

The only con is that the time is inconvenient (4:30pm) for people who work. As I mentioned before, this isn’t an issue for me right now. I won’t bore you all with my job-hunting woes…but it hasn’t been easy. I left my old job two weeks ago. It was definitely a necessary move, but this whole unemployment thing isn’t the greatest. I’m getting really antsy already. I do have some job leads that look promising, but I won’t know anything for probably a week. I hate the waiting game.

Anyway, enough about that. At least my unemployment allowed for me to experience my first PiYo class! Silver lining.

After I left the gym, I decided to finally give in and check out the new Panera Bread location that opened about a month ago…literally right outside of my gym. A visit was inevitable at some point. I decided to grab dinner to go. They gave me this gigantic bag for my salad…?


I had to laugh. They’re probably still learning the ropes over there.


I don’t care for most chains and I really never eat fast food, BUT I make an exception for Panera Bread. The strawberry poppyseed & chicken salad is so, so good. They put a myriad of delicious, summery fruit in it and I love it. It’s a seasonal menu item so I just had to have it one more time before summer ends.

Andddd typing those last few words just made me sad. Sure, there are some great things about fall. But I will always be a summer girl.



Have you heard about or tried PiYo?

Anyone else not ready to let go of summer?

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6 responses to “What Up, PiYo?

  1. I’ve been curious about PiYo since Katie’s post, too! I don’t think I can do all those side planks, though :P

  2. Thanks for the mention! How did you like it? It’s different right?

  3. PiYo sounds so fun! And there’s always an exception for Panera!

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