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Life Lately

on November 21, 2012

I’ve been in a funk. But instead of turning this post into an angsty diary entry, I’m going to highlight things making me happy as of late.

1. Local farms and orchards

I spent Saturday morning with my mom visiting two of our favorite local food spots. First- a trip to Nature’s Way. The store is essentially a pared down version of Whole Foods, with much more emphasis on processed food items/supplements rather than produce. We like to visit here to pick up Larabars, Rise bars (obsessing over these right now), frozen foods, and non-dairy yogurt at a somewhat cheaper price. Plus, it’s fun to browse around in.

After, we made our way to Schramm’s farm and orchard. Schramm’s is a staple in the town where I grew up. I spent many autumns there as a child running through the corn maze and fawning over the baby farm animals. Now, I’m all about scouring the place for farm-fresh produce. I stocked up on apples, homemade pumpkin butter, and tons of veggies, which I used in a quinoa teriyaki stir-fry.


2. Free stuff

I never win anything, so I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that I won Maria’s giveaway! I received a box of chia bars from Health Warrior. I am not exaggerating when I say that I am a bar addict, however I am picky about which ones I eat. I saw these bars at Whole Foods a few weeks ago and was tempted to get one, but that didn’t happen. But now, I have an entire box to enjoy. I love that they include chia seeds, a staple in my diet. These will be perfect before a gym workout or as a mid-morning snack at work. Plus, the company is awesome and they have a neat website. Check them out.


3. Nights in

I tend to be a hermit, especially when I get in a funk. It takes a considerable amount of effort for me to put on some real clothes, go out, and be social on the weekends. Especially when it’s cold out. I do it, but not always. This is something that I’m working on.



Thankfully, I have friends who enjoy nights in just as much as I do. I spent my Saturday night with one of my best friends chatting, drinking wine, eating Triscuits, and watching Eclipse and Breaking Dawn Part One. Yes…Twilight is a guilty pleasure of mine. And now I’m even more excited for Part Two. True story: I met Peter Facinelli (Dr. Cullen) two years ago. I interned at a local TV station that fall and we hosted a meet-and-greet with him at a local mall. He’s even more handsome in person.


He was married to Jennie Garth, but they divorced. Peter, if you’re reading…call me.

4. …More guilty pleasure movies

Geeze. I spent a lot of time in front of the boob tube this weekend. Oh well, it was needed. Not apologizing. I caught parts of Blue Crush and Aquamarine on TV, two movies that I used to love years ago and haven’t seen in forever. I went to bed Sunday night wishing that I could be a Hawaiian surfer chick and/or mermaid.



Kate Bosworth seriously lives the life in that movie. Not to mention, she is beautiful. Attempting to surf one day is on my bucket list. So is going to Hawaii. Or just, you know, living there. I can dream.

Can I just add that I watched Aquamarine on Sunday night, on flippin’ Nickelodeon of all channels, while the Pittsburgh Steelers were playing a big game against one of their rivals. I also did some reading. I didn’t turn the game on once. I am a disgrace to this town.

Based on my movie selections this weekend, clearly I’ve been dying to let the fifteen year old girl in me come out and play. I promise I like movies with substance, too. ;)

5. Holiday

Of course, I am looking forward to a long weekend and Thanksgiving with my family on Thursday. It’s been awhile since everyone has been together. I don’t go nuts over the food (not a big fan of turkey) but it’s still a wonderful meal, mainly because my mom is an incredible cook. Naturally, I’m in charge of making dessert. Pumpkin pie with a graham cracker crust and homemade whipped cream is on the agenda. Now that, I go nuts over. I hope everyone who celebrates has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

How do you get yourself out of a funk?

Any guilty pleasure movies? I can’t be the only one!

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13 responses to “Life Lately

  1. HAHA love “I’m not anti-social, I’m selective social” that’s me! :-D
    OMG about meeting Dr Cullen, wow woooow woooow soooo jealous!
    Hmmm to get out of funks I usually go for really really long runs and get myself lost so it turns into a somewhat funny/ interesting adventure hehe… Hope you enjoy the rest of your week! :-)

  2. I’m more of a guilty pleasure TV show girl – Gossip Girl is my vice! My husband works late on Mondays, so it’s always a night in for me. Happy Thanksgiving, love! xo

  3. Sometimes I’m definitely in a funk, too! It’s strange because you can’t really figure out what’s causing it. I think that focusing on the positive is a great way to cope.

    Creating a project helps me a little bit, like starting a weight training program, signing up for a class, or redecorating the house. Some focused way for me to research and create or do something.

  4. Wow these are awesome tips! I have been in a workout funk as well which has led to me cutting down a lot of my workouts and letting it go from there. I figure this is one week of my life that it won’t matter too much. ;)

  5. I get out of funks by spending time with me, doing things that I want to which generally consists of shopping/cleaning/cooking/crafting. It’s typically how i spend Sundays and I LOVE it!

    So thrilled you are able to try the chia bars! They are good and perfect for a snack. :)

  6. I’m so glad you received your Health Warrior Chia Bars! It’s also fun to see my note to you in your post! Glad you won the giveaway-thanks for posting about it!

    Your post about being in a funk couldn’t have rung more true to me. I’m glad you took this “positive” spin on it though because it’s so important to remain optimistic in life. I do think it’s this time of year-the cold/less sunlight has to have something to do with it. I’m also a hermit but I actually enjoy nights in with a book and some red wine…like what I’m doing tonight. Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Hmmm Carlisle Cullen is hot. Also, Schramm’s is THE best!!!!

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