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Vinyasa Flow, You’ve Got A New Fan

on December 3, 2012

Vinyasa flow yoga = The only thing that kept me sane this past week.


I’ve been dying to try hot yoga for awhile now, and a nearby studio, Amazing Yoga, was offering a one-week free trial. I joined a friend of mine who has been practicing for a few months for my first class last Monday evening.

I felt skeptical going into it- Would I get dizzy? Would I pass out from the heat? Would I hate being drenched in sweat?

Verdict? I loved it. So much so that I ended up attending a class almost every day, if I could fit it in.

Yoga isn’t entirely new to me. I’ve been introduced to poses such as warrior and boat in other group fitness classes (PiYo and Pilates). I felt comfortable keeping up with the teacher’s instructions and was able to move at a decent pace, therefore staying true to the flow aspect of the class. There were a couple of times that I had to take down dog or child’s pose just to catch my breath for a moment- specifically with one instructor who was intense. My shoulders were burning after her class and continued to do so throughout the day. But, considering my upper-body strength isn’t so hot…I’m glad. I needed it.

I’m not surprised that I loved the class itself. I grew up dancing, doing gymnastics, and cheerleading. I’ve always been drawn to exercise that requires flexibility, rhythm, and balance, because those are my strengths.

You may have noticed that despite considering myself a healthy living blogger, I’m not a hardcore runner like most other HLB’s are. I jog recreationally, but that’s about it. Right now, I have no desire to train for a marathon or a half-marathon. I would rather spend an hour taking a dance-based class than an hour running outdoors- but that’s just me. The best way to stay active is to find an exercise that you love, right? For me, at least right now, I most enjoy what feels natural.

I would love to be able to get my flexibility back. I used to be able to twist my body like a pretzel back in the day.


(Reminds me of a cheerleading “scorpion.” Maybe I’ll be able to do that again one day…)

Much to my surprise, while in pigeon pose during my first class, the instructor came up to me and readjusted my body so that I could get a deeper stretch. While adjusting me, she commented: “You’re either a dancer or you’re just really flexible” and then proceeded to ask me another time if I was dancer. I told her that I used to be.

Sigh. That sounds so sad.

Anyway, she then said: “I can tell!” That was a nice little ego boost for me. I guess I haven’t lost it completely.

I could go on and on about everything I loved about the classes, but I’ll condense. Those classes made me the sweatiest I’ve ever been. I loved the feeling of being completely drenched in my own sweat (never thought I’d say that…), loved the energy of the class and especially loved that I could forget about everything going on and focus on being in the moment. This is something that I am absolutely horrible at in everyday life.


I was shocked when I left class and realized… Wow, I really did forget about all the nonsense/worries swirling around in my head for those 75 minutes.

Now I just need to be on the lookout for another sweet deal/Groupon/something, so that I can go back. ASAP. Pittsburgh yoga studios, help me out here. ;)


Have you ever done hot yoga? Thoughts about it?

What kind of exercise comes most “naturally” to you? Naturally in quotations, because nearly everything takes some amount of practice!

(All pictures courtesy of FitFluential LLC’s beautiful Pinterest board!)

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17 responses to “Vinyasa Flow, You’ve Got A New Fan

  1. Alisha says:

    I looooove when my instructor pushes me deeper into pigeon pose- it’s the best! And I am on the same page with you about running, definitely not a hard-core runner but will do it occasionally. I hope you can keep attending yoga classes!

  2. I love love LOVE yoga since I started, thanks to encouragement from the blog community! My studio is amazing and currently does offer a Groupon deal – but it’s a drive for you!

  3. I’ve actually always wanted to try hot yoga too. I haven’t had time and there isn’t a studio near me in upstate but this looks like so much fun. I hear it’s so good for your body too.

  4. I’ve never tried vinyasa but I think I would love it! Glad you found something to break some of the stress away!

  5. Katie says:

    LOVE hot yoga and I miss it dearly! Hopefully soon I will get back to it! Yoga rocks <3

    Happy weekend!

  6. Love your blog!

    I’ve never tried hot yoga but I think it definitely sounds interesting.

    Also, I totally related to your comment about being a HLB but not being a hard core runner. I was inspired by those blogs to try to be a hard core runner, but it just didn’t work out. I’d rather focus on being fit and running smaller races, like 5 or 10Ks.

    • Thank you :) and it’s nice to know i’m not alone in this boat! I’m thinking that one day in the near future I’d like to try out a 5k just to do it, but I really don’t see myself ever running a full marathon. I guess never say never, though!

  7. Michelle says:

    I’m way late on this, but I did a trial at Amazing Yoga. I have a groupon for Exhale Yoga that I purchased awhile ago and still need to use!

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