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July Fun

on July 19, 2013

Thanks for all the comments on my vitamin post. I promised I would update all of you as to how I’m feeling. Verdict: good. Who knows if it’s a placebo effect or not, but I do feel slightly more energized. Also, my nails are in much better shape than they were. I don’t think I mentioned this before, but for the past few months my nails were noticeably brittle. They would barely grow before breaking off. Now, they’re longer and much stronger, and I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

I just wanted to pop in and share what’s been happenin’ with me lately.


Summer is my favorite time of year, so I’ve been getting out and enjoying nature while it’s at its best. One afternoon, my brother took my Mom and me on a nice hike at a park close to my parents house. My brother made a great guide; I like to refer to him as “Bear Grylls.” He’s outdoorsy to the extreme. No pictures of the actual hike. Fun fact: I never have my phone with me when I’m exercising. I use it as my time to disconnect.

This picture was taken from my Instagram, which I’ve been really into lately. I used to think Instagram was stupid, honestly. But it’s grown on me! Lets be friends on it.

Also…I love obnoxiously bright workout clothes. Obviously.


I snapped this picture before a Saturday morning spin class. Do you think I like the color blue?

I’ve been loving spin classes at my gym lately. The instructor I had that morning was a younger (probably my age), cute and funny girl. Plus, she had a great playlist which always makes a spin class that much better. I got very excited when M83 started playing. Love them.


I met two friends for brunch (which ended up being lunch for me) that same Saturday. I was able to convince them to check out Eden, a newer restaurant in the Shadyside neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Eden is extremely vegan and vegetarian friendly and their menu is chock-full of clean eats. I started my meal with a green juice: kale, celery, spinach, cucumber and lemon. I don’t have a juicer at home so I love to get juices like these when I can.

4I already had breakfast that morning so I was in the mood for lunch food. In this weather, I crave crisp, cool salads on a daily basis, and that’s what I went with. Mixed greens, roasted carrots and beets and goat cheese with a simple dressing of I believe olive oil, lemon and apple cider vinegar. There may have been nuts or seeds on this, too? Something like that. Clearly I have a great memory. Simple, but delicious. I definitely want to visit Eden again and try one of their main dinner courses; they have some really creative entrees.

Also, one of my friends who I went with…love her, but she is not what I’d call adventurous when it comes to food. She was hesitant to try Eden. She ordered a veggie omelet with some kind of smoothie and ate every last bite and loved it! Our other friend got waffles that looked incredible, also.


I love a good salad just like I love homemade baked goods. The baking bug bit me the other night…so this happened. I had plans to make dinner with a friend and I took charge of bringing over dessert.


M&M cookies are always a good choice. This is my go-to recipe, always. And now I wish I had these all over again.

I’ve got some fun things coming up. My birthday is next week and the week after that, I’ll be road-tripping down to Charleston, South Carolina to visit one of my good friends. I can’t wait. Beach time, boat time and jet-skis are calling my name.

Have a great weekend!

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22 responses to “July Fun

  1. Glad to hear everything is going well. Looks like you are having an awesome time. I like summer for the first week and now it’s too hot for me LOL.

  2. Brittany says:

    Oh my gosh those cookies…they just hypnotized me!! You are looking GRRREATTT my friend!! Love the summer workout clothes!

  3. I love bright workout clothes and cookies!

  4. Drool! Those cookies look delicious! Great post :)

  5. Instagram has grown on me so much, too! Especially now that it has videos! I need to start restraining myself from it haha ;) The cookies look amazing, too!

  6. Summer is my favorite time of the year too. I love warm weather. Those cookies look so good. M&M cookies are the best!

  7. In terms of running apparel (and shoes) – the more color the better in my book!! I just love bright colors, which is a good thing since all the major running shoe companies are bringing out the highlighter colors. Woot woot!

  8. Alexis says:

    Those cookies look so darn fluffy!!!

  9. Your shoes are so bright and fun! Love it!

  10. makingthymeforhealth says:

    Eden sounds like my kind of restaurant! Everything looked delicious. And so did your cookies, I love the colorful m&ms!

  11. Yay! I’m so glad to hear that everything is going well for you :D It sounds like you’re feeling better and doing lots of fun things. It’s good to take care of yourself physically and emotionally. I think it’s especially good to disconnect every once in awhile! I’m coming off a long internet break as well, and it was definitely refreshing and good for me.

    Eden looks so good! I wish I had checked it out when I was in PGH.

    Hope you’re loving summer! It sounds like you’re having a great time :)

    • So happy to have you back on the ‘net! Disconnecting is completely necessary every once in awhile and I’m glad to hear it refreshed you.
      Can’t wait to follow along on your exciting new journey. You’re not missing much in the ‘burgh. ;)

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