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Turning Into a Little Beast

on September 20, 2013

Hey blog friends. Thanks for indulging me in regard to my last post. Things got a little real up in here, but it felt good to write it out. I always appreciate when bloggers keep things real. I’m not going to pretend that I spend my days carelessly skipping through fields of flowers with my only worry being that I won’t have enough almond milk to make my post-workout smoothie.

To me, healthy living is more than just exercise and nutrition. Mental health/wellbeing is important, too. I try to keep as much personal information off the Internet as I can but when you choose to write a public blog, you also choose to sacrifice some privacy. This blog is me- and I want it to be authentic.

With that said…back to the regular old, lighthearted postings. :)

I took an unplanned rest day this morning because I woke up feeling nauseated and oh my gosh…my shoulders. My arms. Ah! So sore.

I’ve recently started incorporating strength training into my workout routine. I’m definitely feeling the effects (ow ow ow) but I’m also excited about it. For years, I’ve stuck to body weight exercises (like planks) and pilates/yoga to work my muscles.

I knew weight training was something I should’ve been doing, but I was always intimidated to venture into that area of my gym. So many machines, so many buff dudes and ladies that could probably snap my arms in half, so many questions about how things work…


I feel like it’s a little more complicated than that, bro… (via)

A few weeks ago, I approached the personal training desk at my gym to see if I could set up an appointment with a trainer. I wanted to have someone who’s certified and knows their stuff show me the machines. After explaining how I have no extra money to actually pay for sessions, one of the trainers agreed to take me around and give me a free weight training tour/quick session. Sweet.

This was helpful. He gave me a fairly comprehensive rundown and had me hop on the machines to make sure I was doing the exercises properly. At one point, he said: “We’re going to turn you into a little beast!”


Ha. Ha. Doubt it, but that’s fine.

I’m not looking to build a ton of muscle or bulk up. I just want to tone up and get a bit stronger. Strong enough to crank out some pushups without having to fall to my knees, for instance. Yeah, that would be nice.


What’s your preferred way to strength train?

Favorite machine at the gym? I need more ideas!

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8 responses to “Turning Into a Little Beast

  1. Hey there, lil beast ;)! That’s awesome that a trainer gave you a free session! Even if it’s just a one-off, it’s so important to get a good idea of what form you should be completing the exercises with! Although “lift heavy” seems to popular across the HLB community, I’m equally a fan of exercises which rely on my body weight!

  2. I just recently decided to join a gym too and I’m hoping to tone up and get stronger as well. So cool that you were able to get a free session and tour of the gym with a trainer.

  3. That was nice of your gym to show you around the machines for free. I get intimated by the weights section of the gym too. Too many buff men in one place!

    I used to like the pulley stations where you can do tricep presses by pulling forward over your head. But I usually stick to Body Pump for weight training so I don’t have to think about it!

  4. ooo i could lift all day errday! i don’t use machines but prefer free weights. i also switch things up between weights and resistance bands just to keep my body guessing and instead of using a bench, i use a stability ball to increase the intensity and activate my core more.

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